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How to Designate a Party Room in Your LifeStyle Home

A room that is used for entertainment, recreation and socializing. Often times it is part of the home and may be a den, living room, dining room or second basement.

A party room game idea can be a great way to raise your spirits after a long day. It is easy to make a party room look festive with the right theme.

Designate a Space for Entertaining

Hosting is a skill, and the ability to anticipate guests’ needs and desires can make or break your party. It’s important to set a space aside that is dedicated for entertaining. Whether you’re building a new LifeStyle home or making an existing space a party room, there are a few key concepts to consider when planning for the perfect setup.

When it comes to setting up a party space, seating is crucial. Having ample seating allows your guests to socialize, sit for dinner and drinks or take part in activities like presentations. Carefully selecting sofas and seating zones — such as kitchen island or window seat ideas — and positioning them to encourage interaction will create more inviting areas for your guests.

If your home has an open floor plan, sound-proofing is a smart idea. This helps to keep the noise from carrying throughout your entire house and into your neighbors’ homes. You can also reduce excess noise by introducing softer textures into the space, such as rugs and drapery.

Keep It Simple

While you may have a grand vision for your party room, it’s important to keep it simple so guests can enjoy the event and leave feeling comfortable. Too much décor can make guests feel overwhelmed and claustrophobic.

Choose a color scheme that isn’t overpowering. The colors of furniture, pillows, pictures and other accessories will affect the mood of your guests. If you’re having a themed party, use photos or artwork that fit the theme. For example, if you’re celebrating an anniversary, hang wedding photos of the couple.

Music is also a key element of the atmosphere. Set up a playlist for the party and choose songs that will make your guests smile. Listen for body language as well; if your guests are tapping their feet or nodding their heads, they’re enjoying the music.

Whether you’re remodeling to include a party room or designing an entirely new space, frameless interior glass doors are a great way to add character and offer environmental control for your home.

Create a Focal Point

The best party rooms have one main focal point that grabs the eye. A focal point can be a piece of art, a fireplace or even a view. The important thing is that the focal point immediately captures the attention of your guests.

Creating a focal point is easy to do and can be done in many different ways. The main idea is to create contrast between the focal point and the rest of the room. This is achieved by using color, lighting or size to draw the eye’s attention to the focal point.

A popular way to create a focal point is by using a backdrop. Backdrops are available in a variety of colors and can easily be matched to your theme. Another great option is to use balloons as a decorative element. They are inexpensive and can be blown up with regular air to frame a table or other space. Alternatively, you could display decorative glassware that is unique or has an interesting shape.

Make It Easy to Enter

Many families designate a room in their home to serve as their party space. Whether this is the dining room, living room, or additional den, it needs to be able to accommodate all of your guests and still feel intimate for smaller gatherings. The doorway and passage to the room should also be easily accessible to accommodate a flow of food, drinks, and people.

Hang up some of your favorite family photos in the party room game idea to add a personal touch. You don’t need to ruin your walls to decorate — simply run some string across the top of your wall and clip photos with clothespins or binder clips. You can even use small scraps of ribbon to make a fun garland.

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