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How to Design a Party Room in Your Home

The Party Room is a region accessed through Lina’s library room. It is a place where fans meet and have parties for their favorite shows, books and fandoms.

Some home owners design a party room that functions as their dining room, gathering room or additional den. This can be a great way to get creative with interior design.

Home Party Room

Having a home party room makes hosting events at your house easier and more convenient. A dedicated space could be a second den, dining room, playroom or recreation room that can be converted into a social commune when needed.

A great way to keep your party’s theme front and center is to use frameless interior glass windows in your home’s design. These modern windows will exemplify the aesthetic of your home and give guests a sense of spaciousness.

Decorate your home party room for birthdays, wedding receptions or wine tastings with a theme that matches the occasion. For example, a boy’s race car birthday can be decorated with a circular pattern of red and yellow streamers hung over various sections in the room and car printed banners to rope off large activity areas.

Entertaining Space

The party room should be designed with your family’s needs and lifestyle in mind. It should also be easy to fine tune which rooms are available or off-limits when you are hosting guests. Use door-less openings and glazed panels to allow people to move easily between rooms. Zoning with accessories and lighting also helps to mark these areas. For example, music posters and drinks cabinets with some cool lighting say this is the social space; whereas typology prints and task lighting signal this is where work takes place.

Layered lighting is a must, with dimmers and plenty of accent light to shift the mood on a moment’s notice. Lighting wired into shelving is also a smart way to elevate a bookcase or display cabinet.


A great way to add ambiance to your home party room is by filling the space with decorative pieces. Decorate tables with centerpieces that accentuate the party theme and tinsel over dishes for a sparkly touch. Candles also make beautiful party decorations that can create a romantic scene straight out of your favorite rom-com.

When arranging furniture for parties, it’s important to keep in mind the flow of foot traffic throughout your home. Keeping paths open and furniture against walls helps to direct the movement of guests and encourage socializing. It’s also helpful to move extra chairs, sofas and coffee tables out of the mingle areas. This will avoid guests tripping over these pieces of furniture and can save you cleanup time after the party.


The flooring in your Party Room is a big decision, whether you’re installing a new floor or converting an existing space. The floor you choose should be easy to maintain and provide a safe transition from other rooms and the rest of your home.

Even the sturdiest hardwood floors can suffer damage from frequent foot traffic. Get your guests to remove their shoes before entering your party space, and use felt pads under furniture to avoid scratches when they drag their chairs across the room.

Vinyl flooring is a popular choice among party-hosting homeowners. Its wear layer is thicker than most other types of flooring, and it can withstand regular foot traffic without sustaining major damage. This type of flooring also requires less maintenance.


Lighting plays a crucial role in party planning. You want your guests to feel like they’re in an attractive, welcoming environment that sets them up for a night of fun and socializing.

Your overhead lights should be bright enough to let people see each other, but not so bright that they’re distracting. Keep the color of your room in mind when choosing the lighting for a party; darker colors absorb more light, so you may need higher-wattage bulbs.

Use a variety of lighting options to create a unique atmosphere. Consider using strip lights around windows, framing doors, and lining picture frames. Alternatively, you can hang lanterns and other decorative fixtures from hooks or tree branches. If you plan on using electric lights, be sure to hide the cords from view so they don’t pose a hazard.

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