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How to Decorate Your Party Room

Many families choose to designate one room in their homes as the kids party game idea Usually this is a dining room, gathering space or an additional den.

Ceiling height – Standard or low ceilings make a crowded room feel small and can make guests feel claustrophobic. Cathedral or sloped ceilings are best.

1. Hang Photos or Artwork

Displaying photos and artwork is a simple way to transform the space and create an eye-catching focal point. Try using double-sided tape or command hooks to hang your decorations without damaging the walls.

A basic rule for hanging art is to have the center of your piece 57-60″ from the floor, which is about eye level for most people. This is especially important for high ceilings where you don’t want your guests to have to strain their necks to see the images.

A fun alternative to framed pictures is to hang a cluster of colorful photo balloons. They can be filled with air or helium, and they offer a fun and interactive display that will be sure to liven up the room!

2. Hang Streamers

Streamers can make a statement behind a party bar or buffet, or they can be used to brighten up any part of the room. They’re also a great backdrop for #Instagrid photos, especially when they’re bunched up by colour.

Roll a piece of tape into a circle with sticky sides, attach one end to a length of streamer and the other to the wall. Repeat the process until the wall is covered. Twist each length a few times to create a striped look.

Alternatively, run lengths of paper streamer across the ceiling in a circular pattern like this, perfect for an under the sea themed kids’ party. Try alternating colours to give the effect of a jellyfish friend or go for a rainbow to really wow guests as they enter.

3. Hang Balloons

Create a stunning balloon arch to be the focal point of your party room. It’s easy to do and won’t damage your walls.

Foil balloons can add a spark of magic to your event decor. Use them to frame out the dance floor or to decorate your ceiling.

For wall displays, pin your balloons to the wall using ball point sewing pins. These are less obvious than thumb tacks and can be bought in a variety of colors to match your balloons. They also make much smaller holes in the wall. You can also use string to tie balloons to the wall. Then use twist ties or loops of ribbon to secure them.

4. Hang Candles

If you’re hosting your party at a location that doesn’t allow open flames, use battery-operated LED candles nestled inside of lanterns for a beautiful effect. Otherwise, choose low-watt bulbs to limit illumination without blinding guests. Keep lamps near seating areas and other places where people gather to save the brightest lighting for spots where people aren’t moving.

To hang candles from the ceiling, eyeball where the base of the candle hits and make a hole with a needle or push pin. Then cut a length of fishing line double the distance you want the candle to hang from the ceiling, creating different lengths for a staggered look.

5. Decorate the Walls

When it comes to kids party game idea decor, the walls are a great place to get creative. Use framed photos of the guest of honor or artwork that fits your theme to give guests a fun visual.

If you have painted walls, be careful about hanging decorations. Standard tape can damage wall paint, so opt for poster hanging tape or command hooks instead.

Create a photobooth wall to give your guests an opportunity to capture the memories of the night. You can also hang balloons and streamers from the ceiling for a dance floor-worthy look. Adding a little lighting to the room can really bring it to life and help focus your guests’ attention on the decorations.

6. Decorate the Ceiling

With so many details to take care of when planning a party, it’s easy to overlook the decor. But adding a few simple touches can make the room feel special and bring the theme to life.

Draping the ceiling with fabric creates a beautiful, magical look for your event. You can even use light up hanging decorations for a stunning effect.

Another fun idea is to create flowers out of balloons on the ceiling. This looks especially good if you’re using colors that match the party’s theme. For example, you could use green balloons as petals around a yellow balloon that serves as the flower’s center.

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